Speaker Biography

Pham Nathaniel O. Imade

Senior Pham. At the Edo Pharmaceutical Limited


Pham Nathaniel O. Imade

Practice as a pharmacist for 7 Years currently the Senior Pham. At the Edo Pharmaceutical Limited Graduated from Ambros Alli University Ekpoma, Edo state of Nigeria am recently on a research trying to find solution to safe child vaccination procedures in our primary Health Care facilities in the rural area 


This Idea was born out of numerous deaths from in proper immunization and vaccination practices against certain diseases because of immunodeficiency. We look deeply into our local primary health care system and we found out there are many ways we could develop a new system of vaccination that will deal with unprofessionalism and eradicate unhealthy processes. This work which will elaborates on information’s concerning activities that has increased infectious diseases from wrong vaccination practices and activities, Vaccination is a critical practice to enhance healthy leaving and increase on war against diseases and infections. Our findings which is on a large print will bring about ways we should develop on vaccination process and integrated certain resent technologies that will simplify immunisation and vaccination process, that will portrait certain results bringing about ways to find solutions and demonstrating a way to achieve different result from our recent practices.