Speaker Biography

Dr. Steven Todd Osterhout

Steven Osterhout DC, CCN is the founder and director of Vitality Healthcare

Title: Identifying environmental and lifestyle antagonists that stifle short-term healthy immune behavior while eventually reducing appropriate long-term immune function.

Dr. Steven Todd Osterhout

Steven Osterhout DC, CCN is the founder and director of Vitality Healthcare, an integrative medical and natural healing center catering to identifying the underlying causes of poor health with remarkable positive patient outcomes.  He attained is Pre-Med from Western Michigan University, going on to earn his Doctorate from Palmer, as well as a postdoctoral Board Certification in Clinical Nutrition.  He is a member of the Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, Academy of Environmental Medicine, and the Institute for Functional Medicine.  He is the published author of The Diabetic Doctor and has over twenty years of experience traveling the world investigating the most favorable approaches to accelerate the healing process.


Multiple inflammatory mechanisms are activated by today’s lifestyle choices and environmental exposures. Common consequences include reduced immune function as well as loss of immune tolerance.  Environmental exposures to common chemicals like bisphenol A, parabens, phthalates and other toxicants drive endocrine disruption.  These estrogen mimicking compounds support a physiology of estrogen dominance and contribute to molecular mimicry.   Constant daily exposure not only stifles immune function it also opens the door to inflammatory dysregulation and autoimmune behavior.  Increased inflammatory responses combined with perpetual feedback inflammatory cycles creates short term acute symptoms while manifesting under-recognized associated chronic degenerative disease expression.  These inflammatory daily exposures provide an underlying contribution to gastrointestinal dysfunction called hyper-permeable bowel and neurological permeability.  While governmental chemical regulation is sluggish in response to these common toxicants, modifying personal exposure and limiting bioaccumulation will decrease potential of autoimmune activation.  Observation, modification, and appropriate choices of lifestyle exposures may present a powerful tool in quieting inflammatory degenerative processes.